South Hills

Ranches meet residences and share in the neighborly bounty of their lookout from the South Hills.

The elevation gain on Missoula’s south side is a distinguishing geographic border separating the Missoula Valley from the Bitterroot Valley. Residents of the South Hills Neighborhood have the advantage of living upon the hillside with views of both Missoula and the jagged and dramatic peaks of the Bitterroots as well. Although locals call it a hill, South Hills residents themselves are on a mountain that climbs to a good 6,000 feet at its tree topped summit. You’ll also hear the area referred to as Moose Can Gully, a name with several different interpretations behind it. Up here, there’s a definite line where residential development stops and open space begins. Historically, these hills were dedicated to the agricultural trade with excellent sunshine and moisture from a mix of weather systems colliding between the two valleys. And well before that, these hills were the shallows of Glacial Lake Missoula that created the flat valley below. Today, South Hills neighbors are happily above water, enjoying the hallmark sunshine and expansive views, as well as the convenience of having everything Missoula has to offer on the valley floor.

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