Rose Park Central Missoula

You just never know who you’ll run into around the corner.

If you were to look at the Rose Park Neighborhood from above, you’d quickly notice a strange take on the traditional grid with streets tilting about 45 degrees from due north. Affectionately known by many Missoulians as the “slant streets,” Rose Park residents are savvy navigators of this alternative layout. Because Rose Park is an extremely pedestrian and bike-friendly neighborhood, it’s not unusual for neighbors to be out and about. Long-time residents and young families make up the majority of the Rose Park residents. The slant streets may be a bit intimidating for those traveling by car, so there’s usually very little traffic. A slower, more laid back approach to life reigns here. Sitting on your front porch on a famously endless Missoula summer night, you might hear the sounds of kids squealing with delight or jaunty ragtime piano music drifting out of an open window next door. Your dog’s ears will perk up as a familiar neighbor and their dogs pass by. They’re headed for some ice cream and invite you to come along. Is there really any choice but yes? This is the essence of the Rose Park Neighborhood. It’s a place where enjoying the Missoula life goes well beyond stopping to smell the roses, but, incidentally, in this neighborhood you can do that too.

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