Northside – Westside

This is an active and energetic neighborhood that is always working harder, coming together, and making itself better every day.

Within easy walking and biking distance from downtown and quick access to I-90 from Orange Street, the Northside-Westside Neighborhood moves from urban living into that traditional neighborhood appeal. This section of Missoula was developed early when the mills and the railroad were thriving. In fact, Montana Rail Link’s line bisects the neighborhood, yet the Northside and Westside are connected by both the Scott Street Bridge and the pedestrian bridge.  Actually, the connection runs much deeper than that. While many new residents have moved into the neighborhood, particularly first-time homebuyers and young families, a large majority of the neighbors planted their roots here decades ago. The ties to this hardworking area remain strong, evidenced by the heavy involvement of the community in neighborhood projects and prosperity. Many of the homes here have front porches and people tend to use them. They know and take care of one another in the Northside-Westside neighborhood. They pitch in when a job needs doing and celebrate a job well done. Because of this hands-on approach, the Northside-Westside Neighborhood is known for a do-it-yourself mentality and a sustainable approach to home improvement. Creating beauty at home extends into the neighborhood’s burgeoning art community as well. Efficient and eclectic use of space and passionate neighbors makes the Northside-Westside Neighborhood truly one of a kind.

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